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Kindergarten Supply List
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Materials List

Bryant Kindergarten 2016-2017


This is a list of materials that your child will need for Kindergarten.  Write your child’s name on the items in bold with a permanent marker.




School backpack

Pencil/crayon box (cigar box size)

Nap mat (blue/red tri-fold)

 1 pair of children’s scissors (fiskars brand)

 1 box of washable classic color markers

 2 packs of colored copying paper

 6 individual packs of crayola crayons (16 count)

 16 regular pencils

 2 pack of pencil erasers

 10 glue sticks

 2 boxes of baby wipes

 2 box of Kleenex

 2 rolls of paper towels

 1 pack of construction paper

 2 boxes of Clorox wipes

 3 ring binder 1 and half inch

 3 hole money pouch

 single subject notebook

 3 hole folder with inside pockets

4 primary lined writing tablets

Hand sanitizer

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